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Benjamin Franklin Yancey Elementary School is an Albemarle County public elementary school providing kindergarten through 5th grade. Yancey is a part of the Southern Feeder Pattern and students will attend either Walton Middle School and graduate from Monticello High School. As of 2012, Yancey had 147 students enrolled and employed 52 faculty and staff members.[1]

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Yancey Elementary was founded in 1960 in rural Scottsville and named for Benjamin Franklin Yancey, an African-American educator who came to Albemarle County in the 1890s and established a school for African Americans. The land upon which Yancey Elementary is situated was donated by the Men's League, an organization also founded by Yancey.[1] The school was made of brick, a fact that delighted its first attendees.[2]


In 2009, the county had commissioned a study to see if there would be savings in consolidating Yancey with Red Hill Elementary School and Scottsville Elementary School. The idea was rejected because of community support for all three schools. In October 2012, the School Board met with Supervisors and discussed the possibility of expanding Yancey for other uses in addition to education.[2]. In December 2013, the Yancey Workgroup presented their final report, which recommended transforming the school into an intergenerational learning center via public-private partnerships[3].

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In 2017, cuts in federal funding have led the school board to consider closing the school. [4]


In August 2012, the Albemarle County School Board approved long-delayed proposed repairs to Yancey, including work on the roof HVAC system, and septic field. The work is projected to cost an estimated $6 million and will include renovations over the next ten years.[5] The Board of Supervisors agreed to the spending in September 2012. [2]


The current principal of Yancey Elementary is Craig Dommer.[6]

The following is a list of people who have served as principal.[1]

Term Principal
2012 - present Craig Dommer
2006 - 2012 Alison Dwier-Selden
2004 - 2006 Jeanette Avery
2001 - 2004 Debora Collins
1990 - 2001 Sidney Tate
1985 - 1990 Carolyn Paige
1982 - 1985 Carolyn Gaines
1977 - 1982 Gerald Terrell
1974 - 1977 Manie Philips
1971 - 1974 Jimmy Jones
1967 - 1971 Fulton Marshall
1961 - 1967 Elisha Gantt
1960 - 1961 Isaac Faulkner


Yancey Elementary is located at 7625 Porters Road.


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