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Preston Avenue is a road in the city of Charlottesville which extends from Ridge-McIntire Road to Barracks Road, connecting North Downtown with the Barracks Road Shopping Center area. The roadway is characterized by a large, landscaped center median featuring an Art In Place installation.

Preston Avenue is lined with a mixture of light industrial and warehouse facilities.[1] The Coca-Cola Building is a notable property on the roadway.


The Roundabout Study examined the possibility of a double roundabout positioned at the intersection of Preston Avenue and High Street. The concept was ultimately rejected.[1] Although a study of the corridor has been on the Charlottesville Planning Commission's list since 2008, no additional studies have been undertaken.[2]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°02′00″N 78°29′00″E / 38.0334129333496°N -78.4834671020508°W / 38.0334129333496; --78.4834671020508


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