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The Main Street Arena, formerly the Charlottesville Ice Park, is an ice rink and multi-use facility that anchors the west end of Charlottesville's Downtown Mall. The facility has been operated as a multi-use skating, indoor sports, and special events venue called the Main Street Arena since September 2010.[1]

The structure will be demolished in 2018 to make way for an office park that will be part of an "innovation district" downtown. [2]

Sales history


Owners Bruce Williamson and Roberta Williamson, ex-husband and wife, with two other partners, purchased the Ice Park in 2003 from Dorothy Rolph and Colin Rolph, who co-developed the project with his former partner Lee Danielson.[3] In February 2010 Bruce Williamson announced plans to close the park in June, citing unexpected business losses.[4] They closed the park on June 30, 2010.[5]

However, soon after, the building was purchased by Mark Brown for $3 million. Brown immediately announced plans to convert the building into a multi-use facility called the Main Street Arena that could also house indoor athletic events and parties. The adjoining lobby space was converted into a sports bar. A private party was held on August 20, and skating resumed on September 14.[6]


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