Kenneth Wayne Jackson

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Kenneth Wayne Jackson

Candidate for
City Council
District At-Large
Election Nov. 7, 2017
For term to start 2018

Candidate for
City Council
District At-Large
Term Start July 2004

Biographical Information

Campaign $ VPAP
Contributions $ VPAP

Kenneth Wayne Jackson is an independent candidate for City Council in the November 2017 general election. [1]

He also ran unsuccessfully as a Republican candidate in the 2004 Council race. [2]

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As a black gay man who received public housing assistance, Jackson was a candidate for the Republican party in 2004. At the time, he was a cook at Ludwig's Schnitzelhouse on Fontaine Avenue. [2] He appeared before Council on April 21, 2003 to protest the increases of certain fees and the meal tax in the budget year for fiscal year 2004. [3]

Candidate Votes %
Kendra Hamilton (D) 3,465 64.90
David E. Brown (D) 3,366 63.05
Kevin J. Lynch (D) incumbent 3,183 59.62
Ann Reinicke (R) 1,782 33.38
Kenneth Wayne Jackson (R) 1,557 29.16
Write-In 778 14.57
Vance D. High (I) 717 13.43
Source: City of Charlottesville


Voters could cast three votes, one for each of the three seats available, hence the percentages do not total 100%.

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