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The Community Investment Collaborative, formerly the Community Investment Corporation, (CIC) is a locally focused microfinancing group based in Charlottesville that was founded in 2011. [1] It aims to ameliorate the difficulty many small businesses have in obtaining funding from traditional banks.


In 2011, CIC secured funding for its first year and hired its first staff member, Hebah Fisher, a recent UVA graduate in microfinance.

In itss early stages, the group aimed to be a "nexus for everything small business," from providing microloans, to providing education for small businesses, to pairing new owners with established mentors[2].

The CIC takes entrepreneurs with an existing businesses or idea through 4 months of training in the technical aspects of running a small business. The participants also are matched with experiences business owners as mentors through the process. After the 17-week program, the graduates of the CIC can apply for microloans up to $35,000 to go towards growing their small business.[3]

Organizers of the CIC plan to begin the project with nonprofit status and eventually add a for-profit branch. It hopes to be financially self-sustaining within three years. It plans to gain revenue from membership dues, client fees, and educational seminars[2].


The third CIC class began on September 3, 2013, with 27 entrepreneurs participating from Louisa, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Charlottesville, and Staunton.[4]

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