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Berkmar Drive Extended


Project Overview

Protect and enhance capacity of Rt. 29 North and provide a parallel alternate multimodal route for local traffic
Cost $54 million
Location Albemarle County
Sponsor Albemarle County
Next meeting Uncertain

Status Update

Fully-funded by the Commonwealth Transportation Board

VDOT Dashboard 106137

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Berkmar Drive Extended is a planned new secondary road that is fully-funded by the Commonwealth Transportation Board. [1] The road is called for in the Places29 Master Plan and would be a northward extension of Berkmar Drive over the South Fork of the Rivanna River to Town Center Drive.

The idea behind the road is to build a parallel road to U.S. 29 in order to provide more options to local traffic.

Funding history

The project remained a concept and was listed for years in the MPO Policy Board's Transportation Improvement Program as an illustrative transportation project. That meant funding from the state or federal government was not likely for the foreseeable future. The project was expected to be built with contributions from the private sector. [2].

However, the project received new life when former VDOT Commissioner Philip Shucet recommended spending over a quarter of the $200 million in funds set aside for the Western Bypass. The Commonwealth Transportation Board approved $54 million in funding for the project at its meeting on June 18. [3]

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