1997 Charlottesville Priority List for sidewalk construction

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In 1997, the City of Charlottesville created a list of 99 locations for new sidewalks to be built in the city. The city is continuing to work on this list and is currently[when?] working to create a new one.

Sidewalk - Location Rank Comments
Palatine Ave. from Green to Quarry-South Side 1 Complete
Greenbrier Drive from Brook to Rio - North Side 2 Complete
Fontaine Ave. from Maury to Corp. Limits - Both Sides 3 Complete
Avon Street - Bolling to Blenheim-West Side 4 Complete
Avon Street - Altavista to Druid-West Side 5 Complete
East Market St. from Meade to Riverside Ave. - South Side 6 Nghrhd selected Chesapeake St
Lyman St. from Douglas to Goodman- East Side 7 Complete
Oak Street-Ridge at Barrett Day Care - North Side 8 Complete
Nelson Dr. near McIntire Rd. - South Side 9 Complete
Cherry Ave. from Cleveland to Shamrock - South Side 10 Complete
Chesapeake St. from Meade to Riverside - North Side 11 Complete
Farish St. - Sycamore from 8th to Lexington- South Side 12 Complete
1st Street from Oak to Cherry Ave. East Side 13 Complete
Monticello Ave. from Druid to Elliott-West Side 14 Complete
Moseley Dr. from Cleveland to Harris - Either Side 15 Complete
Forest Hill Ave. from Cherry to 9th - South Side 16 Complete
E. Jefferson from Meade to Farm Ln - North Side 17 Complete
Ivy Road from Emmet along UVA prp. - North Side 18 Complete
St. Annes at Intersection of Grove Rd. 19 Underway
Holmes Ave. near creek - East Side 20 Complete
Lewis Mtn. Rd. from Emmet to Alderman- South side 21 Complete
Monticello Rd. from Linden to Mtn. View - East Side 22 Underway
Douglas Ave-Either Side 23 Complete
6th St, SE from Elliott to Altavista - West Side 24 Underway
Rugby Road from Rugby Circle to Barracks/Preston - North Side 25 Underway
East High St. from Grove to Long - East Side 26 Underway
Little High St. from Meade to 13th - North Side 27 Underway
Page St. 700 Block - South Side 28
Old Lynchburg Road from Middleton to Quarry Park- East Side 29
Florence Rd. from Rives to Nassau - North Side 30 Underway
Brandywine Dr., from Yorktown to Hydraulic – East Side 31 Underway
Dale Ave. from Harris to Albemarle - North Side 32
Jamestown Dr. & Bunker Hill Dr to Yorktown - Either Side 33 (in school circle)
Belmont Ave. - 600 Block 34
Lexington Ave. around curve to Evergreen - South Side 35
Locust Ave. from Calhoun St. to River Rd. - East Side 36 Complete to Smith St
Meridian St. from Elliott to Belmont-Either Side 37 On proposed 2010 list ((in school circle)
Chancellor St. from Univ. Ave. to Rugby Rd. 38 On proposed 2010 list ((in school circle)
Chestnut Street - West Side 39 Cherry St to Myrtle St east side built w/CDBG (in school circle)
McIntire Road Extended from 250 By-Pass to Melbourne Rd - east side 40 To be built with MRE proj.)
Rosser Ave.\12th from 10 1/2 St. to Grady - South Side 41 Sidewalk along north side (in school circle)
10 1/2 St. NW from Rosser to Grady - West Side 42 Sidewalk along east side (in school circle)
11th St., NW from Page to West 43 Complete to 332 11th St
Martin St. south from Smith St. - West Side 44
Cherry Street from Spruce to Chestnut - North Side 45 (in school circle)
Myrtle Street - South Side 46 (in school circle)
Poplar St. from Locust to Gillespie-South Side 47
7 1/2 St. from Cherry to Prospect - East Side 48 Sidewalk along west side (in school circle)
Baylor Lane - North Side 49
Goodman St. at Graves St (east) and at Monticello Road (west) 50 Sidewalk along east side (in school circle)
Angus Road from Emmet to Cedar Hill - North Side 51 Complete
Agnese St. 1200 Block - North Side 52
Hartman's Mill Rd from Jordan Ave to Ridge, N. & E. Side above Jordan 53 Complete
Prospect Ave. at Blue Ridge Commons - East Side 54 Sidewalk along west side (in school circle)
2nd Street, NE from Hedge to Perry - West Side 55
8th St. from Church parking lot to Farish - Either Side 56
Cedar Hill Rd. from Hydraulic to Angus 57
Thomson Road from Emmet St. to Alderman - North Side 58
Rock Creek Road from Cherry Ave. to Forest Ridge - Both Sides 59 Laurel Circle to Briarcliff on proposed 2010 list
Green St. 1500 Block - Either Side 60
Yorktown Drive from Bunker Hill to Brandywine Dr. - East Side 61
Blenheim Ave. - 700 & 800 Blocks - South Side 62 On proposed 2010 list (in school circle)
Willard Drive - 2600 Block 63
Locust Ave. from Popular to Bypass - West Side 64
Shamrock Road from Stadium Road to JPA - Southwest Side 65
17th St. from Gordon to Virginia Ave. - Either Side 66 #426 to Gordon Ave (east) (in school circle)
Hedge St. from Park Place to 4th - South Side 67
Preston Place from Grady to curve - West Side 68
Raymond Rd. south from Baylor - West Side 69
East View St. from Knoll St. to Mtn. View Street - East Side 70
Northwood Ave. west from Park St. - South side 71 Complete
Vine St. from Nassau to Franklin - Either Side 72
Montrose Ave. 100 Block - Either Side 73 On proposed 2010 list (in school circle)
Meadowbrook Heights Rd. from Yorktown to Grove-Either Side 74 On proposed 2010 list (in school circle)
18th St., NE from Market to Chesapeake St. - Either Side 75
McElroy Dr. from Park Rd.-Either Side 76
Palatine Ave. from 6th to Green-Either Side 77
Shamrock Road 200 Block - North Side 78
Evergreen Ave. east from Park St. - North Side 79
St. Charles Ave. from Watson to Calhoun - West Side 80
Kenwood Lane from Concord to Melbourne - South Side 81 Complete
Mulberry Ave. from Shamrock to Highland - Either side 82 (in school circle)
Spruce St. from Cherry to Carlton - West Side 83 (in school circle)
3rd Street, NE from High to Hedge - West Side 84
Gillespie Ave. from High to Grove - Either Side 85 (in school circle)
Cargil Lane - Both Sides 86
Levy Ave. from Avon to Monticello Rd. – Either side 87 50’ gap either side (in school circle)
Lyons Court Lane from Evergreen - North side 88
Lyons Court Lane from Evergreen South Side 89
Sunset Ave. from JPA to Sunset Rd. - Either Side 90
Tarleton Dr. from Greenbrier to end - Either Side 91 Complete
Wayne Ave. from Angus Rd. to Ricky Rd. - Either Side 92
Caroline Ave. from Fairway to Duke - East Side 93
Castalia St. from Belmont to Monticello Rd. 94 (in school circle)
Meriwether St. west from 13th St. NE - Either Side 95
Antoinette Ave. unopened from Forest Hill to Antoinette Court - Either Side 96 Complete
Carter Lane - 1300 Block 97 No connections (in school circle)
Hedge St. from 1st to 2nd, Either Side 98
9 1/2 St. from E. Jefferson to High - East Side 99