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The Placemaking, Livability and Community Engagement (PLACE) Design Task Force is an advisory panel created in 2012 that provides guidance to the Charlottesville City Council and the Planning Commission on urban design matters. [1] [2]

The group meets on the second Tuesday of the month. [3]

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Council created the group in March 2012 as a successor to the Urban Design Committee, which had disbanded in 2003. At the time, NDS Director Jim Tolbert told Council the group would have been helpful during the discussion of the Belmont Bridge replacement. [2]

Early tasks

One of the group's first tasks was to help select a $150,000 consultant to oversee a land-use study for the Avon Street Corridor south of the Belmont Bridge. [4] This would later become the Strategic Investment Area.

Inital focus was also on the West Main Streetscape as well as the Rivanna River corridor. [3] They were also for a time the steering committee for the Belmont Bridge replacement.

In November 2013, Council agreed to expand membership to include one member of the Charlottesville Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Committee. [5]

Current Members

Past Members


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