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Cathcart Group is a family of companies that encompasses Cathcart Property Management, Cathcart Construction, and Cathcart Property Development. Cathcart Group focuses on property development, construction, and property management, of single-family, multi-family, and senior living properties. Cathcart Group is based in Charlottesville, with additional properties in Harrisonburg, Virginia and Scott Depot, West Virginia. [1] Cathcart Group is a member of the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce[1].


Cathcart Group was Founded in 1984 by Rip Cathcart. In 1992, Cathcart Group began developing large-scale residential developments. In 2010 the company named changed from Cathcart Properties to Cathcart Group.[2]


Cathcart Group has developed Lakeside Apartments, Carriage Hill Apartments, Claremont at Carriage Hill, and Reserve at Belvedere Apartments in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Reserve at Belvedere Apartments is part of the Belvedere neighborhood development.

Developments outside of Charlottesville include; Reserve at Stone Port and Bellaire at Stone Port in Harrisonburg, Virginia; Wexford Village at Devonshire, Townes at Devonshire and Bellaire at Devonshire in Scott Depot, West Virginia.

Apartment Properties

  • Lakeside Apartments
  • Carriage Hill Apartments
  • Reserve at Belvedere Apartments
  • Reserve at Stone Port Apartments (Harrisonburg)
  • Wexford at Devonshire Apartments (Scott Depot)

Condomuinum Properties

  • Claremont at Carriage Hill

Townhome Properties

  • Townes at Devonshire

Senior Living Properties

  • Bellaire at Stone Port (Harrisonburg)
  • Bellaire at Devonshire (Scott Depot)


  • Robert B.(Rip) Cathcart, Chairman, Cathcart Group
  • C. Todd Dofflemyer, CEO, Cathcart Group
  • Steve Northcott, President, Cathcart Construction
  • Carolyn Busker, President, Cathcart Property Management
  • Donald Vogeley, Vice President, Cathcart Property Management
  • Laurin Young, Chief Financial Officer, Cathcart Group
  • David Sharp, Vice President of Development, Cathcart Group
  • Daniel Lamay, Director of Pre-Construction, Cathcart Group


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